Centurion's services cover three general functional areas:


  • Centurion serves as a governance coach. We provide the guidance and resources needed by our client directors to perform their association governance duties transparently and effectively, within the bounds of their condominium governing documents and Texas law. We maintain ownership and governance records, recommend appropriate levels of insurance, and facilitate communication among owners.


  • Centurion manages all property operations. We hire and manage all vendors and contractors, and document the regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair of the common elements of our client properties. We post bi-weekly property inspection reports and document all maintenance and repairs. We also provide a 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week emergency telephone line and ensure timely emergency response.


  • Centurion’s management practice is budget-based. Every year, we work with each of our client associations to prepare and approve a detailed annual budget which serves as the property’s management road map. We collect revenues, pay bills, and maintain individual owner account balances, all available for inspection by clients at any time.